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Travelling Back Home

  July 11, 2013, 10:08 PM
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So it’s been about 3 weeks. I have been at a farm with slow internet, but the good thing is that I earn money over here.

And I mean, working 13 hours with yard work is very difficult.

Pretty hard stuff.

Good news, I am coming back tomorrow!

What I will have:

  1. Better Internet – This means I can DJ a lot more.
  2. Connectivity with Friends – I have been away for so long that I forgot what all of my friends look like. I finally can get out there and socialize again.
  3. Better Uptimes for the Server – Since I have been away, I have been really cautious of my server going down. It went down the first week, then the second week I got it back! It’s been up since. And since I will work right next to the server, it will be very easy to power cycle it if needbe.
  4. Ability to Host Game Servers – That’s right! Minecraft, Call of Duty (4D1), GMod, etc. will be hosted at different times. Will not be up 24/7 like my server.
  5. Family – Having family to keep in contact with is essential, because I really do miss them right now.

On Saturday, I will be going to a Brony Meet at the Mall, so that means I will be busy. BUSY HAVING FUN!

Late August, Convention!

I will be back around 4-5PM Central Standard Time tomorrow!



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