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TrotCon announces G.M. Berrow, new community guests for 2016

  May 31, 2016, 9:26 PM
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Bringing back one of many VIP guests for TrotCon 2016, It’s G.M. Berrow!
You’ll know Berrow from wearing multiple hats around the My Little Pony universe, Berrow perhaps first became known to folks in the fandom as the author of the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic chapter books published by Little, Brown and Co., including “Twilght Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell,” “Princess Luna and the Festival of the Winter Moon” and much more. She has since transitioned into writing for the Friendship Is Magic TV series beginning with season five.She’ll be making her second appearance at TrotCon; who also welcomed her in 2015, and with amazing reviews!

OK, so let’s run down the list now… GM Berrow, John de Lancie, Thom Zahler, Heather Breckel and Ingrid Nilson. Not to mention their amazing community guests, which is already a fairly stacked lineup in my opinion, including Pixelkitties, TJ Carson, ILoveKimPossibleALot, ChocoPony and Wiggles.

There’s also a double feature at TrotCon:  Jitterbug Jive/BaldDumboRat and Jestre DeRama!

Jitterbug Jive is the creator of the Lovestruck Derpy and Discord Whooves Tumblrs, and has been the fan voice of Derpy Hooves in multiple videos, including the popular Doctor Whooves and Assistant series. Panels, Artist table, and he’ll be doing it all with Jestre DeRama, who voices The Doctor in the Doctor Whooves and Assistant series and has his own list of awesome blogs, including BubbleBerryAnswers, AskMadDoctorWhooves and more. Additionally, TheBronyCritic will be returning again. The Ohio native returns to TrotCon for a fourth time, bringing along his brand of My Little Pony episode reviews, audioplays, fanfic writing and much more!

Before I forget, pre-reg badges close June 25! This is your last chance to snag their $50 weekend passes; they’ll be more at the door. This is also your final opportunity to get one of their sponsor badges; those will be closed come June 15. Help support TrotCon, get cool stuff in return. They even have one more of their highest tier, the draconequus badge, left, so, hey, get on that. For more information, check out their registration page (http://trotcon.net/registration/)!

TrotCon 2016 will be held July 15-17 at the Crowne Plaza Columbus North in Columbus, Ohio.

-Bejewled Gem

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