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Updates Planned for the Next Few Months

  September 4, 2015, 4:36 PM
  GeekBrony ❘  0
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If you’ve kept an eye on Bronydom Network recently, you’ve seen that it really hasn’t gotten that much updated, despite our promises. Sure, we have some poll updates and some song additions, but content-wise, it’s been very bare. No new news from the brony community have been posted, there really hasn’t been much added.

That said, we have been planning some things under the hood to improve the content delivery speed and general quality of Bronydom Network.

Also, we have taken action on some of these things, that of which I have listed below:

  • Adding some new staff members to take part in delivery of content for BDN. (Now it’s not a GeekBrony-does-all thing anymore)
  • Convention plans (Video Footage/Interviews).
  • A Live Video Stream might be added for those who want BDN video content.
  • iOS app update.

If any of you have any suggestions for improvements we can make (this is always encouraged), feel free to comment below.

~ GeekBrony

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