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Weekly Roundup #10

  May 23, 2014, 1:30 PM
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Remember the Season One days? I happen to remember them, and they give me massive nostalgia. I’ve just decided to start watching it from the beginning again. I loved those days. It actually feels more epic for some reason. The soundtrack was good back then, but the animation wasn’t perfected yet.

Guiding away from that, here’s this week’s Weekly Roundup!


Season Five is Currently in the Recording Phase

They just started to record their voices and such, and they posted a little picture of them all huddled up, after recording.

I really can’t wait for Season Five. I know it’s gonna be good… I just know it 😛

The Mane Cast (After Recording)


Hub Network Releases “Maleficent” Inspired Trailer for Villaintines Day

I don’t really understand what’s goin’ on in this video, but okay… Apparently Hub Network made a trailer out of edited voices/dubbed voices. Check it:


Bronydom Network Panel Planning

Hey, so we have a panel at MLP-MSP, right? Well, I’m having a hard time planning what we would do. I want to start off with an epic trailer, but I’m not entirely sure what it would contain.

Oh, I’ve got an idea!

Leave a comment about the panel, and how we should start it. Please!

MLP-MSP – New Guests

MLP-MSP just released more guests out to the public!

This time they included:


Link to Guest page: BOOP!


Starting Princesses’ Pick

Every week/two weeks, we will be running a post by you guys with Fanfiction, Videos, Music, Fanart, etc.

Twilight’s Pick: Fanfictions
Cadence’s Pick: Music
Celestia’s Pick: Videos
Luna’s Pick: Fanart / Misc.

When shall our next one be? Leave it in the comments below (or on the discussion forum)!

Also feel free to send us your stuff. We may post it!


Pony Happy Meals Heading to McDonalds in Austrailia



Yes, for all of you guys in Austrialia, feel free to go to McDonalds, asking for merch with pride.


On another note, I’m gonna watch some more Season One.

Have fun!


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