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Weekly Roundup #11

  May 30, 2014, 8:23 AM
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It’s been a fun time sorting through the final weeks of my school year. With that, I’ve been highly stressed on preparing my panel, as I have 5% of my time dedicated onto doing that right now. We have a week left until MLP-MSP exactly, and I barely have gotten anything planned. I need to do it now or else!

Anyway, here’s your weekly dose of pony news!


Silly Filly Studios – Plans for the Future

The people over at Silly Filly Studios have released information regarding their plans for the future.

Source: Silly Filly Studios (Tumblr Post)

We’re gonna try transitioning over to a few simple parodies… Honestly we kinda want/need to do some short stuff, just to get a better grip on exporting. It’ll help get more of our animators on our team comfortable with handling a bigger portion of a project (generally, the less micromanagement you have, the more polished a product looks as there’s less back and forth between collaborators). Will be anything from pokemon, social commentary, league of legends, more pony stuff, etc.

Once more of our team members get more comfortable with that, we’ll be able to put some real work into our next idea. We want to do something original and fantasy based, but we also need to see how it’ll be received first. It’ll probably result in a cool but short fight scene animation, and if it’s well received enough, we’ll make a pilot for it and go from there, but that won’t be til there are some major overhauls in our group hierarchy.

So overall, a few small projects (mostly comedy) with a potentially big one going on in the background!

Too Many Ponies [Game]

I just randomly stumbled upon this game, and it’s lagging my laptop too much. Thanks, 4as, you got me to keep spawning those tiny horses. It’s so silly though, so I keep on spawning them and spawning them.

Anyway, check em’.



Sweet Apple Acres Announced for Gameloft My Little Pony Game

For the people who have it, Gameloft is finally expanding their “My Little Pony” game to include Sweet Apple Acres. As a part of the “like for reveals” thing that they run on Facebook, this was revealed.


After a lot of brainstorming, we’ve decided to bring the most comprehensive experience of the MLP universe to mobile devices! This means means that you’ll see more and more of your favorite iconic places into My Little Pony Game!

Our next update will bring you Sweet Apple Acres – the third location available in the game.

Thank you for your support everypony!


MLP-MSP – Week Until

I’m soo nervouscited! I can’t wait, except I can.

I need to prepare, but school work is getting in the way.

Plus, their events list has just changed: Clicky.


Anyway, I’ll be preparing pretty much 24/7 until the con. And yes, even when I’m sleeping.


I think that’s it for this Weekly Roundup.

If you want more to the blog, be sure to submit any news you hear.

Just go to the submit tab on the website.

OH! IDEA! I could create a submit page for BDN myself, instead of using the normal blog to do it, so iPhone users can access it easily too.

– GeekBrony

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