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Weekly Roundup #12

  July 27, 2014, 9:14 AM
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This week has been a fun week and with the SDCC wrapping up today, and you know what SDCC lots of new pony news.

So here is this weeks major pony news.

SDCC 2014 Season 5 My Little Pony Panel Animatic

There isn’t much to say about this clip, other than the fact it is giving us a sneak peek, as to what is going to happen. Without wanting to spoil it, here is the link to the animatic.

Season 5 Animatic

SDCC 2014 My Little Pony Initial Points and Q/A for Season 5

This is some of the more exciting or interesting news, about the show and what we can expect in the future. For the Q and A click the link below.

Source: EQD

Initial Points:

  • Every season they try to figure out a way to make the show bigger and better, but have trouble figuring out a way to top themselves.  They totally figured it out for season 5 already.
  • Princess Luna has a nightmare, episode based on that most likely?
  • Entire solo song for Rainbow Dash
  • This season has the 100th episode, which is sufficiently awesome and focused on characters that have been on the show for a while, but mainly in the background. Coco Pommel returns for one!
  • Maud Pie returns.  Entire Pie family episode.
  • Twilight really misses her library, and their is an entire episode about it.

Equestria Girls 2: Rainbow Rocks!

This is something, I am looking forwards to alot, so I’m trying not to get to much info so it’s not spoiled for me, but here is the latest information and clips for Rainbow Rocks!

Sources: Equestira Daily, Daily Motion

Initial Points:

  • Sunset Shimmer is going to get a lot of love after being left crying in a ditch in the last movie. They were looking to turn it into an empire strikes back of pony.
  • The stakes keep growing as the movie continues on, with the songs getting more intense as it continues.
  • They have a bad girl band with evil music.
  • Side characters are going to get to sing in the movie. Fan favorites included.
  • They draw upon greek mythology with the siren theme for the evil band.


Will Discord Zecora and Chrysalis Appear in Rainbow Rocks?
They will not. They will be in something later though.


Okay guys and gals, I believe that is all of the major news for this week. I’ll keep you up to date and informed if I find out any more information.

If you stumble across any major news, don’t be shy, feel free to drop a message in or let us know.

Until next time.



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  1. Shane says:

    I think they should make Ponies made by us background ponies, what do yall think?

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