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Weekly Roundup #5

  March 14, 2014, 10:00 AM
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Yeah, I need a schedule for these “Weekly Update” things. *thinks about a day*
How about every Friday? That should do. But I’m sorry for the lack of posts. Been really busy.

Let’s cut to the chase:

Get Up And Wub – Updates:

I haven’t been DJing for the PAST TWO WEEKS! :O I really should do it in a bit! I found a bunch of new songs that I need to feature!

Also, have a embed of the latest YouTube version just in case you haven’t seen it:

Brony Realm doing well!

The small community is a good thing for us! We don’t have too many people, or too little people. A bunch of work was put on the server recently. The shop is /almost/ finished.

I’m considering adding Pony Classes in again, because old players came on and complained that the classes were gone. Also, considering adding donations! A donor rank would be great, wouldn’t it? It will help the server too, to achieve a better speed and less lag when 15 players are on.

Writer for “Maud Pie” revealed:

And now, be excited for this new writer! I hope it goes well!

Top Ten Pony Songs of February!

Enjoy! :3

Legends of Equestria at BABSCon!

So now, with websterhamster trying to get to BABSCon, I’m super excited about what is new about LoE!

The Noble Mares of Adventure, Ellowee and Golden Gates, cordially invite you to the land of Equestria for a rare and magical opportunity. A portal has been opened in the Bay Area and those who find themselves curious and brave enough may enter it and experience the Legends of Equestria! Those who attend the Bay Area Brony Spectacular this coming April, can not only transform themselves into a pony* but find themselves spirited away to a world of quests, beauty, and exploration. Legends of Equestria features sweeping countrysides, breathtaking cities of splendor, floating airships, haunting forests, daring quests, and distressed ponies who desperately need the assistance of a hero like you!
The adventurous ones who travel to BABSCon, the epicenter of this event, can not only visit this magical domain as one of its natives, but may also converse with and learn from the mystical keepers of the realm known only as… “Developers.”  These wizards will be on hand to explain, guide, and discuss the future of Legends of Equestria and the muses that inspire their craft. Further, Ellowee, the keeper of the Legends of Equestria, and Golden Gates, the beloved mascot of BABSCon, can be found roaming the world awaiting the pleasure of your company.
Those unfortunate souls who can not find the wherewithal to travel to the West Coast of the human world to gather at BABSCon need not despair! While the Noble Mares of Adventure, Ellowee and Golden Gates, truly wish for you to arrive, you may instead use your remote portal devices known as “computers” to join in the otherworldly festivities all weekend long.
We hope that you will join us for much running, jumping, dancing, flying, teleporting, and hoof-bumping this coming month, and wish you the safest and most exciting of travels!
Yeah, it’s gonna be fun!

Adding songs soon!

So, after a long hiatus of no new songs, I just realized that I should add more, and I started to find some. Expect some by next week!

Don’t forget to submit anything you’d like posted here!

Just email the news to [email protected]! (Will be adding email to our domain, like [email protected], when we get the chance)


I guess that is the end of this Weekly Roundup! Have fun!


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