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Weekly Roundup #8

  May 9, 2014, 9:00 AM
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Well, MLP-MSP is approaching fast, and I have to prepare, but first, we’ve got a summary of the week in pony for ya’ll. Check it after the break:

Starting Music of the Week (maybe):

That’s right, we may be starting to do this. Every week, or when possible, we will find new music that is good to our ears, and then post em’. Feel free to submit any music you have made, or found. To submit, go here. We will review it, and get back to you if it is approved!


What We Know of Season Five:

We are at the end of Season Four now, and people are anticipated about Season Five.
Here is what we know:

  • Season Five probably will be released in late 2014, but was announced for early 2015.
  • Season Five has 26 episodes


Dr. Wolf’s Analysis Channel Gets Axed, But Returns:

If you’ve been watching Dr. Wolf’s Analysis Videos recently and have been cutoff by YouTube and Hasbro, we are pleased to announce that his channel is now up again! The exact issue for the takedown is unknown, but what matters is that it is back up!


The Idea Channel’s Future of Fandoms:


Hub Network’s “What’s the Hubbub?” Livestream:

I had trouble watching this when it was live, but it’s up on YouTube:

MLP-MSP Announces Travelling Pony Museum, Parties, and Cocktails:

The close-up convention has released more information! Check it:

We’ve got some exciting announcements coming from the upcoming pony convention in Minneapolis. First off they’ve got a awesome deal for those of you who register 9 of your friends before May 15. Secondly, how does having some cocktails with M.A. Larson and Andrea Libman sound? Finally, MLP-MSP has announced that The Traveling Pony Museum will be attending. Check out the full PR after the break.

Suites, Parties, and Fun, Oh My!

MLP-MSP will be running a registration deal through May 15! If you and 9 of your friends purchase three-day passes under one name, you will receive a hospitality suite! Suites will include party trays of food and beverages stocked twice every day of the convention. The rooms will be available from Friday, June 6 at 10:00 a.m. through Sunday, June 8 at 12:00 p.m. They may be used as party/private rooms and/or sleeping accommodations for room owners, however, be sure to bring a sleeping bag, as there are no beds in these rooms.

How to receive a suite: If you haven’t already, register for MLP-MSP at http://mlp-msp.com/register and order ten (10) three day badges. Remember to add a comma when separating badge names. If you have any other questions about the promotion, such as eligibility for those registered prior to the promotion, send an email to [email protected].

Hurry, though! There are only three suites available.

M.A., Andrea, Bronies, and Cocktails!

Party cannon over or grab your wings to hang out with Andrea Libman and MA Larson in this exclusive event! For one hour, you’ll get to drink cocktails and socialize with some of your favorite show staff and other bronies for this fun filled event.

This event is limited to 25 people, so act fast to secure your spot! This is a 21 plus event, and you will have to show a valid ID or other type of government identification before entering the room. This event is $150 and also includes a three day badge. If you want to join the fun, go to http://mlp-msp.com/register and select the VIP: After Hours (21+) option!

If you have any questions about this event, email [email protected].

Traveling Pony Museum Attending!

Get excited, because the Traveling Pony Museum (TPM) will be headed to MLP-MSP!

“The Traveling Pony Museum is a traveling collection of works by talented artists from the ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ fan community. Growing out of a wish to cast a spotlight on underexposed artists, TPM quickly developed from a single planned exhibition at one event into an organization dedicated to appearances at conventions and events around the country. As diverse as the My Little Pony community itself, the museum’s collection includes drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, digital artwork, customized pony dolls, and custom stuffed toys.”

Be sure to check out their tables that will be full of fascinating things! Check out more about TPM by visiting their site here.

For more information about guests appearing at MLP-MSP, visit our guest page. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook,Twitter, and Tumblr to be the first to hear our updates. Keep smiling and we hope to see you bring the party with you to Minneapolis June 6-8!


Anyway, I think that’s it… Hope you guys enjoy your last two episodes of Season Four!

– GeekBrony, Host of BDN


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