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Weekly Roundup #9

  May 15, 2014, 12:01 PM
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As Season 4 has come to an end, it’s hard to get motivation to make more posts. I’m literally forcing myself to do this one. So, here’s your next weekly roundup! Sorry that it’s one day late.

Minecraft Server Under Reconstruction

Yeah, we’ve been rather bored with the spawn, so we will be locking the server for the next week, building an entirely new spawn. It should look probably 3x as good as the original. Anywho, we’ve been busy doing that.

New Brony Website – brony.co – Coming Soon

I came home three days ago, and I found someone contacting me, saying that they don’t need their domain name at all anymore, and they want a better home for it. They gave it to me for FREE, and I am making it into a URL shortener. The website should be up within a week. To go there, click here. It is not 100% up yet, only the placeholder page is there right now.

Getting Used To The New Server System

Over at BDN. we switched to an entirely new system for the server. It’s been buggy while we are setting it up, but it should work 100% in the end. It’s just causing us some difficulties, and very brief ones to be honest. Expect a good uptime within 2 weeks.

Season Four Reflection

It’s been exactly a week since Season Four’s finale episodes aired. We’ve been through stuff like Twicane, Flutterbat, Coco Pommel, Daring Do being real, Power Ponies, Weird Al singing and having an acting role, Maud Pie, Breezies, Flim and Flam coming back for another round of shenanigans, and the Equestria Games. Don’t forget the epic fight between Twilight and Tirek. It’s been a fun season, and I look forward to the moment where Season Five starts. I can’t wait.

Too bad it’s starting in 2015…

Coming to MLP Minnesota (MLP-MSP)?

I am. I’m really prepared. I want to go now. I want to enjoy the amazing experience of actually being at a brony convention. I can’t wait.

3 weeks.

Speaking of which, are YOU coming to MLP-MSP?

If so, I want to meet you 🙂

If possible, find me around the con, which would be hard. If you can’t find me, on Saturday I’ll be DJing in one of the main rooms, so go there when you can, and enjoy. Meet me after I finish. I want to meet y’all!

I’ll be playing some Trance, House, and Dubstep music!


Anyway, I think that’s about it for this week’s Weekly Roundup!

If you have anything to submit, email it to me: [email protected]


5 responses to “Weekly Roundup #9”

  1. It’ll be nice to be able to request songs again.

    • GeekBrony says:

      Unfortunately, due to the new system, we are unable to get requests working until the guys over at Sourcefabric are able to update. If we get approved by Ponyville Live, we can get it working in a shorter time. But, this is what we’ve got right now.

  2. I would love to help remake the minecraft server considering that I have been building large things in minecraft for 5 years now and I would love a reply/)

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